BossmenOur goal is to provide opportunities for people from all over the world to engage in scientific research at important archaeological projects in Spain and Italy.
Not only do our students learn about archaeology, history, culture, and language, but they become active members of a research team that is contributing to historical knowledge with each archaeological season.ArchaeoSpain was created in 2001 by a group of archaeologists and educators committed to furthering cultural exchange and experience in archaeology. 
To date, 645 people from 26 countries and 203 universities have joined our programs. Many of the students obtained academic credit at their universities for their participation.
In addition, our digs have been featured in The New York Times, Archaeology magazine, the Guardian, Current World Archaeology magazine, El Pais, and local papers throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Australia. 


About the Directors:

Catalina Urquijo.  

20150610 Davidson Day School students got up early for their 2nd day of digging at Castilla - La Mancha. Bones, including a vertabrae, and pottery shards, were among the day's treasrures. photo © Laura MuellerOn my first excavation, while I still a student I met Dionisio and we share life and profession ever since. We started working in last decades of the analogical era, on the years when archaeology was starting as a profession in Spain. Our path has not always been easy but it has always been exciting.

 We started our first Field School in 1998, wanting to share our experience with future archaeologists or with those passionate about rediscovering the past. We have met people from different cultures and different ages, first at Plaza de Moros field school; since 2012 with  ArqueoExperiences and now directing ArchaeoSpain.

Through these years we have helped many students discover if their passion for archaeology would translate into a future career or if their time spent with us would remain as an unforgettable experience.

I have taught at the Nebrija University and  the Center for Studies Alvaro Duran Art and Enterprise, I have excavated at many sites from different epochs, both things enriching and challenging . There is no doubt to me however that the experiences and friendships developed in the field are the things I enjoy most about my profession.

Dr. Dionisio Urbina.

Dionisio urbinaMy first job was as a vintner; maybe my name has something to do with it. After some years traveling and treasuring experiences I started to study History and Archaeology. I produced a thesis about roman Talavera and a PhD dissertation about Iron Age settlements in the center of the Spanish peninsula. Since 1990 I have worked as an Archaeologist, investigator, and professor. I don’t remember how many excavations I have directed, but I remember the experience of most of them: from big Bronze Age settlements to a medieval castle, including Iron Age, Roman or Visigothic sites: cities, villages, kilns, baths, military camps, farms… I have alternated the pick and the shovel with the pen. I have published numerous articles in professional journals, conferences, symposia, exhibitions, and a dozen books about the most important places I have excavated.

Besides digging, researching and writing, I have another passion which is teaching. I tried to transmit something of what I have learned while teaching in Grade Cultural Management in Nebrija (Madrid) University and in “Generalist Antiques and Twentieth Century” course at the Center for Studies Alvaro Duran Art and Enterprise, one of the most difficult challenges I have ever faced. I haven´t help any position for too long, I like having the freedom of change, although I have been a member of the professional association of Castilla la Mancha and founder of the Section of Archaeology, and I am currently a member of the Professional Association of Archaeology of Castilla-La Mancha.

I am passionate about combining research and management, the implementation of theory to action and fact. I want everybody to understand what we do and how we do it, so I never let a chance go to participate in informative projects. Many years ago I started an exciting project with Catalina (although not as exciting as sharing life and two children with her): the field school Plaza de Moros. An archaeological field school means teaching, but in the field. It means teaching how to work, to see and to understand. I continue this teaching today as the head of Archaeospain.


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